BR’s Working Romania | Madalina Racovitan (KPMG): “Good performance management is the way to get highly engaged employees”


Madalina Racovitan (Partner, KPMG Romania), was a speaker at Business Review’s Working Romania Event IT companies are very interested in HR – at KPMG, we use interesting HR technology – something that addresses one of the most complicated parts of HR, namely performance management.

“We have an app called QuercuApp Performance, which we created based on the need to reinvent performance management practices because traditional methods were disliked by both employers and employees, because feedback was not timely nor relevant. Performance management links directly to employer branding, because regardless of the company’s external image, dissatisfied employees will certainly affect the company’s image. Having performance management that works is the way to get highly engaged employees,” she said.

Madalina Racovitan highlighted the crucial role of continuous feedback in order to help employees with their professional and personal development.

“Organisations that wanted to change performance management focused most on the idea of continuous feedback. Our cloud-based app has several modules that can be used separately or together, but continuous feedback is its core feature. Every employee can give feedback to every other colleague as well as ask for feedback from others. Young generations want personal development, which they can’t have without being told how they’re doing and what they need to do to move forward – so continuous feedback is very valuable in such cases.”

As for what KPMG does in terms of employer branding, Racovitan mentioned some examples of flexibility in the company: “Flexible schedules made a big difference in our company and so did the elimination of the business dress code. But flexibility isn’t just about work schedules; it also has to refer to a variety of benefits and employee well-being measures.”

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