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HR technology is no longer just about supporting the many different functions – such as processing payroll, ensuring regulatory compliance and managing mundane back-office paperwork – which fall under the purview of HR Manager. HR technology platforms, in recent times, present enhanced offerings to support activities like talent acquisition, training and employee retention.

This shift in focus has enabled HR technology to be at the forefront of digital transformation within work culture and redefine its role as a strategic partner in an organization. New enhanced HR roles and functions have allowed companies to the get the best out of their workforce and boost productivity, while at the same time supporting employees’ personal and career growth – the latter especially in focus when Generation Z enters the workforce.

However, how do modern HR solutions achieve this? One of the most significant pieces of the puzzle in implementing optimal HR software is automation. Many functions, including payroll, attendance, onboarding, and training can now be both managed, but furthermore, automated. This results in a freeing up of HR managers to focus their energy on attracting the best candidates, engaging meaningfully with the current crop of talent, and increasing retention rates within the organization.

Things to look for in HR technology

Which is precisely why picking the right HR technology is vital. The tool should be able to mimic the different roles performed by an HR professional, or in other words, it must be able to wear multiple hats, without the need to procure separate software offerings to cover off missing elements. Some of the function modern HR tech should be able to provide include;

  • Standardize processes for primary HR functions such as payroll, benefits, attendance, recruiting, onboarding and training.
  • Dramatically reduce the time spent on data entry and report generation.
  • Facilitate knowledge and data sharing and eliminate information silos via centralized data storage.
  • Avoid penalties and liabilities to the company by ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Let employees access and manage benefits, leave applications, and update personal information.
  • Address employees’ basic queries on payroll, time-off, benefits, changes to company policy and workflow.

One size does not fit all

The options available these days are primarily cloud-based, with a plethora of functions stacked therein (and at least available, if not already rolled into a single payment plan) and essentially a significant element of integration with existing tools and software.

Enterprises should also keep in mind that the deployment of some of these more extensive packaged systems may not be as straightforward as others and may be complex, resource intensive and require significant change to current practices. Beyond that, though HR technology solution is a strategic imperative for any company, enterprises should not be breaking the bank to procure any solution and should opt for something with flexible options of deployment.

Here at Tech Wire Asia, we understand that picking the right HR solution is not an easy task for any decision maker. Thus, we have curated the three most comprehensive HR and HCM (human capital management) software offerings currently in the market.

Most often than not, an organization’s biggest strength lies within its people, and Synchrony’s HCM solutions help your HR department cultivate a “culture of success” in your organization by attracting, aligning, nurturing and growing your company’s biggest asset – your human capital.

With an impressive track record of serving some of the APAC’s biggest clients with a multinational presence (such as Woolworths, Illawarra Retirement Trust Group and Teledirect), Singapore-based Synchrony’s solutions comprise three offerings: Synchrony People, Synchrony Payroll and Synchrony Engage.

Synchrony’s solutions are designed with the understanding that HR technology has an impact beyond merely automating tasks and reducing costs for an organization. The solutions play a strategic role in the company’s growth, and facilitate it. Synchrony People Core HR Solution comes with features such as central view of your employees with support for organizational data, personal data, time off and payroll, with full employee lifecycle support. Synchrony’s solution supports recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, compliance training, employee performance management, compensation, and employee succession & development.

Synchrony’s cloud-based solutions have out-of-the-box hiring to retirement lifecycle management. They use best-practice swim lane processes for all modules, templates for data migration as well as pre-built reporting catalogs. All of this is localized with country-specific requirements that include tax, pension, and social insurance compliance.

Learn more about Synchrony Global’s cutting edge HCM solutions and tools here.

If you are looking for a slightly expanded solution that does not solely focuses on HCM and workforce management, then the Boston based company Kronos is worth looking at. The company’s HCM software provides relatively comprehensive end-to-end HR support to help your organization to acquire the right candidate, on board successful applicants and manage their payroll and benefits; all bundled in one system.

It takes away much of the mundane tasks traditionally done by HR professionals and allows certain day-to-day functions such as time and workforce tracking to be automated. Further, Kronos’s talent acquisition tool will help recruitment teams to track job-applications throughout the application process, and also help with the screening process, even for sensitive positions such as those involving child-care, healthcare, and law enforcement.

Perhaps most importantly, the solution – it’s based on the Workforce Dimension Suite that deploys with the cloud-based Kronos Workforce Central – could be tailored to fit organizations of all sizes, needs, and budgets. Beyond that, the platform’s UI is drawn heavily from consumer tech so is intuitive and straightforward and ensures high uptake rates, not only among HR professionals but staff in your organization.

As often repeated with this story, as well as this site, every business is unique and has its own complexity and intricacies, may it be different regulatory processes or data protection requirements. Ascender understands this. The company boasts over 1,400 multi-industry, global clients who trust it manage their payroll and HR needs. Its solutions are flexible, modular and easy to deploy, and the company guarantees seamless integration with your current third-party or legacy systems.

Recently, Ascender acquired PeopleStreme HCM, and the combined company offers a comprehensive range of solutions that promises enhanced payroll functions and employee experiences. It aims to simplify HR management by leveraging technology, people skills and business process best practices to align teams.

PeopleStreme’s cloud-based HR Software is an all-in-one suite of modular Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) that facilitates effective workforce management, while helping with recruitment and industrial relations. With specific modules to manage particular functions such as; performance management, learning & development, e-learning for compliance, and incident management among others, the suite promises to unlock the maximum potential of your company’s workforce.

*Some of the companies featured in this article are commercial partners of Tech Wire Asia

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