How to develop tech skills across your organization


Planning your talent strategy

Think about building anything, for example a house. You wouldn’t expect to wake up one morning and start building. No, first you’d decide what a house means to you and what you need. Next, you’d design or produce a plan. And when building this house, there is a process, a specific order – you can’t build walls with no foundation, and you can’t add your roof until you have walls. When finished, you might then look at your property and visualise a long-term plan; perhaps you will expand in the future.

This same methodology works when planning your organisation’s learning and development.

Here’s a list of the seven questions you need to ask employees.

1. What is the desired learning outcome?

2. Do you want to talk intelligently or superficially about this area? Basic or advanced level?

3. Is there a specific task/project when the learning is done?

4. How much time do you have to learn? Hours or minutes?

5. Are you looking to update skills or acquire new ones?

6. What training method works best for you? Videos, courses, books, or labs?

7. What software and tools do you need to learn?

It is essential to have the answers to these questions and then you will be able to customise learning programs to suit an individual’s needs. eLearning content exists in multiple modalities, giving technology and development learners the flexibility to study in the manner that suits them best. For example, a course enables a learner to complete lessons at their own pace with regular exercises and assessments to test their knowledge.

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