HR as Strategic Partner in Growing the Business


WHAT’S the most frustrating challenge in business? People.

What’s the most powerful resource in business? People.

People are both the most frustrating and the most rewarding part of business. This is where Human Resource (HR) plays a significant role as one of the major business foundations.

HR functions are deeply ingrained in all aspects of business operations from job analysis and planning, to recruitment, section, compensation, training, appraisal, intricacies of employee discipline, and labor management.

People’s knowledge, skills, attitudes, and potentials are needed everywhere.

HR professionals are engaged in partnership with supervisors and executives.

Over the years, the scope of HR profession has widened. It now includes specialized fields, international human resource management, and diversity issues.

To take a lead in motivation, innovation and overall growth of a company and its employees, HR personnel should keep abreast with the latest issues and trends encompassing understanding of human behavior.

The first ever People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) Visayas Summit is currently being held in Bacolod City with the theme, “HR as strategic partner in growing the business.”

Hosted by PMAP Negros Chapter, the PMAP Visayas Summit aims to renew learning, provide support, and update HR practitioners on global opportunities, technological breakthroughs, and multi-generational leaders, and employees in the work setting.

PMAP is an association of HR and people managers in the Philippines.

According to its official website, PMAP is tasked to “create and nurture a community that fosters the strategic development and management of Filipino human capital;” “promote the development, integration, and sharing of expertise and solutions;” and “blaze new trails as a thought leader.”

Through PMAP’s Visayas Summit, the awareness of PMAP’s mission and activities can be delivered directly to its regional chapters activating more projects and programs to highlight the vital roles of HR in the growing business landscape of the Visayas region.

With its reputation for savory meals, rich desserts, and tourist spots, Bacolod City is a hub for learning as it has become one of the favorites of national and international conventions and conferences like the first PMAP Visayas Summit.

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