FHCHC board meeting centers on employee engagement survey


The Flint Hills Community Health Center Board of Directors’ first open meeting in several months featured discussions on policies, finances and employee engagement.

The results of a recent engagement survey of the Health Center’s nearly 100 employees led off Tuesday’s meeting. Former Community Foundation Director Shirley Antes announced the results, which indicated staffers were fully on board with the Health Center’s mission. Over 90 percent said they knew the mission, while 99 percent said they knew their department’s goals and objectives contributed to the mission and 94 percent said they were committed to the Health Center’s success. Board chair Teresa Briggs:

Not everything was rosy. About 60 percent said Health Center administrators are “committed to an open and transparent organization.” The survey results were released a few days after the Health Center was told to reopen its board meetings to the public and the media after they were closed for several months. CEO Renee Hively says some misconceptions may be out and about when it comes to Health Center staff.

Less than 50 percent of respondents said conflicts are managed in ways that result in positive solutions, while 54 percent said communication had improved between leadership and staff.

The survey had almost 70 responses, meaning a 72 percent reply rate. Neither Hively nor Briggs say they were surprised by any of the results, and Briggs says perhaps the most positive aspect of the survey was the number of people who responded.

Results will be further detailed during an all-staff meeting Wednesday. A committee is being assembled to continue the discussion and generate ideas. Representatives of the Emporia, Eureka and Madison facilities will be involved.

In addition, the Health Center board received the monthly financial report, and Briggs says the center had a monthly gain despite three payrolls in June and payments for insurance and dental equipment.

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