Virtual Reality ‘Gets Real’ in Western Ky.


MADISONVILLE, Ky. (7/14/18) – Western Kentucky now has the latest in virtual reality.

Serial entrepreneurs Jenny and Lee Gibson have done it again with stunning technology and the latest in super-fast computers to create a VR arcade experience that is literally out of this world, located at 113 1/2 S. Main St. in Madisonville.  

At The Ledge VR, individuals or groups can become immersed in the game or virtual experience. The computer senses players’ movements and are mimicked instantly as the warrior, soldier, monster or whatever. 

Friends can battle together or against each other without ever drawing blood.   

The Ledge VR is the largest facility of its kind in the Midwest.  Already, businesses are signing up for employee engagement events and parents are signing up for “out-of-sight” birthday parties.   

The participant wears the VR goggles with sound earpieces and don sensors for hands.
With a demo experience called, “Walk the Plank,” individuals step in an elevator, which carries them up hundreds of feet. When the elevator doors open, there is only a “plank” to walk out on. Below, there are buses and cars on a busy street. Birds are flying over and under the plank. Skyscrapers are all around with a construction crane nearby that makes the experience very realistic. Even though people are standing on a solid floor, the eyes show something entirely different.   

Lee Gibson told SurfKY News that the lag between the player’s motion and the computer’s response is called latency.  

“Our computers are so fast that the human body cannot detect the latency” he said.  
So, perhaps those that want to experience being a gladiator in the arena, be a robot in space fighting androids or play their favorite game from inside the game, the time has come and the real VR is a reality in western Kentucky. 

“We are proud to be bringing this to Madisonville,” Jenny Gibson said, adding that the two of them have been working on the family-friendly facility for many months. 

The Gibsons said children must be at least 10 years old to participate.    

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